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Hello folks! Has anyone had any experience with this speaker company? http://www.redfidelity.com/ I am looking for info/opinions/feedback regarding any issues with them/owner. Thank you.
Mine (DVD-A) pauses for about 1/2 second at the end of USSR...near the end of the jet flying over. I have an Onkyo DV-SP502 player...no other disc ever gave a problem. I absolutely Love this DVD. The mixes bring a more modern interpretation and I enjoy actually hearing Paul's bass guitar for a change. In some songs you can hear the snares rattling on the bottom of the snare drum. This disc is now my new surround demo.
Got a Sam's Club catalog in the mail today...under Gift Ideas it lists Eagles Music DVD + 3 bonus songs now available". Can't find anything on this on the 'net. Pic shows a brown/leather-look cover that just says "Eagles". Is this a DVD-A or DVD-V?
Saw on TV, The Beatles Love DVD-A now avail http://www.gettvmusic.com/beatleslovecd/
It looks like July 1 is the drop dead date for OTA full power... I Wonder who will comply in Erie. http://www.hdbeat.com/2006/06/27/fcc...t-or-loose-it/
WQLN has NOVA in HD tonight. OTA, It doesn't look very good for HD, altho it is sharper than my Dish SD pic. The OTA sound quality is no where as good as the Dish sound. I hope this isn't any indication of what to expect once the others go HD.
I was a studio sit-in at 24/66 yesterday with the CubScouts...asked when they plan to be "HD". The answer was "hope to by years end". We'll see.
There is a long discussion and reviews here: http://www.quadraphonicquad.com/foru...ead.php?t=3669
I recently dived into multi-channel. Got a refurb HK reciever for $200, and Onkyo SACD/DVD-A player for $100, added rear in-walls for $75, and used three B&O speakers up front that I already owned. I have to say I enjoy this setup more than the B&O system that it replaced. While the B&O did have more audio accuracy (2 channel), I get blown away by the 5.1 whenever I play it for both music, video concerts, and movies. No regrets at all selling the B&O to go...
Nature and science shows like Nova are very enjoyable in HD. The HD actually compels my kids to watch something educational instead of brain-dead cartoons.
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