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Thanks for the reply! Will refresh rates matter much to me if in the end we would just stream short Internet video clips or some live streaming content every once in a while?
Looking for suggestions on TV models and pricing for 60 to 65 inch TV to be used for displaying hymn lyrics and displaying other content. The system is being selected to replicate the same signal to both screens at the same time, just mainly looking for TVs that will display well in a bright room. I am not sure what to look for when it comes to specifications, but we are on a budget. Nothing super complex will be displayed on the screens except maybe some video at...
Looking to purchase escape plan via PayPal.
Thanks! All 5 codes redeemed using the instructional link using flixter UK using Chrome with Hola Better Internet Plugin!. They are now in my UV collection!
Count the number of SEC teams in the top 25for week 1 and now week 2. Not sure how you could look down on that conference. The SEC has won the last 6 straight college football BCS championship games and 8 out of the 14 BCS games that have even happened since the start.
Used the deal, thanks, worked like a charm!
Good posts guys! Very informational!
Rob, thanks for your response. My receiver must only do 5.1 with direct inputs as the picture of the 4 rca ports is all you get. In the manual, it shows to hook up 7.1, use a three prong rca to 1/8 cable. These are not available on the internet that i could find except camcoeder plugs.
My current configuration is: Green on sound card goes to left/right front on receiver Black on sound card goes to left/right surround on receiver Orange on sound card goes red RCA in Subwoffer and white RCA in center on receiver
From the manual:
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