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Maybe you set the hidden metacritic filter too high.
And 12g mogami is under a buck a foot!
Those speaker wires should work fine. I'm not a fan, however of monoprice's coax cables. The wires are far too stiff and the connectors are very tight. I feel like I am going to pull the jack out when removing the plug. I would suggest a cable with canare RCA connectors.
Missed it by *that* much. It's only 11 3/8" high. Maybe you can check out their site as they have line drawings with dimensions for all their products.
Got a techcraft with black glass shelves and a column tv mount for mine. Integrates very well IMO. Link to a photo is in the sig.
Trying out some shots of the 500M with a Canon 7D. Used Av mode with the camera on a tripod in a dark room. Interesting that I was able to get a sharper focus with manual than auto. More here.
I would think any of the 1.3a rated cables should work.
So I should be able to control a PS3 with my Harmony 880 through KuroLink? I don't need it to power on the monitor or switch inputs automatically, just pass the remote signals to the ps3. I would connect the ps3 direct, not through a receiver.
I could see using dot-by-dot for blurays, but I don't see a difference in sharpness on FIOS tv. Also, pictures often to not reach the edge of the screen on this mode and I'd prefer not to have uneven phosphor wear so I use Full1 on when viewing the FIOS box.
You use dot-by-dot on fios? I can't do that because there is often noise/code or a bright line of pixels right on the edge. I use Full or Auto typically to avoid it.
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