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Welcome to the forum and the 1400 thread. There isn't really a master list of movies/disc's that i'm aware of. However, since FW 2.3 I have not come across a disc that's had any issues. I'm sure there are still some discs that don't play or load correctly but I haven't heard of any lately. Knock on wood, FW 2.3 has been great so far.
LeBron chose the Heat! Oh...wrong thread...
Hold your horses everyone. Now we've all been participating on this thread for a while now and mgkdragn hasn't made any personal attacks on anyone. I know I've gotten frustrated a few times with the same old negative unfounded attacks that seem to come from no where.
I've got a strange issue here. I put in "The Crazies" on Blu Ray the other night and half way through the movie I thought my Subwoofer had blown out. The sub made this terrible distorted sound and I really thought it was done. So, I took the sub apart looking for any physical sign of damage but could not determine anything. After reassembling the sub I put in "Star Trek 2009" and to my surprise, the sub was performing properly again. I played a few more Blu Rays and no...
Well, that depends on what your looking for or need. If you look at the first post on this thread you'll see a list of the major differences between the 608 and 607. I for one don't care much that the HDMI's are 1.4a but, I do like that it's THX certified and has bunches of power along with the Burr Brown DAC's. It also runs very cool and has a smaller foot print. I like the OSD, it makes everything easier to navigate and setup. If your 606 is still working, i'm not sure...
Yep, it has video pass through. You have to go in the menu and select it.
Great post. I wish I could have seen that Epcot demo.
I know! Crazy! For years I thought the audio couldn't get any better. Now, with the 608 decoding all of the HD sound, it's almost overwhelming.
I don't consider myself old but, when they start remaking all of your favorite movies, you know your beginning to get a little long in the tooth.P.S. I watched "The Crazies" tonight and it was great. Check it out. The 2010 remake of course.
This thread is dying fast. It's kinda like returning home and visiting your old hangout just to discover it's now a flea market or an adult book store.
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