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Bro, don't get me started on fish tanks. Biggest money pit I've ever owned was a Reef tank.
If anyone watches "Book of Eli", on Blu Ray, post on how it played on the EX500. I have the 55" and I am curious if there is a large amount of motion blur like what was seen in "The Road"?
Bottom line.....608 Rocks!! I can afford the power bill.
This is definitely an individual thats either, a Fanboy with a sever personality disorder or, someone paid by Pioneer to troll the boards and slander the competition.
Yes, I have one for sale. It's only $1,000,000.00 !! There currently isn't any consumer tech out that allows a 3D image without the use of glasses(LCD or polarized). As far as the current 3D tv's out right now, you will need a 3D capable Blu Ray that's HDMI 1.4 and the 1400 does not qualify.
Case in point.
I agree completely with you. I was dealing with this very topic several posts back with very a "frustrating" individual. I wish the moderator could go through and delete all of the silly, redundant posts about NON-Heat issues.
I posted earlier that I had emailed Onkyo about the DIAL NORM +\\- thing. Well, here is Onkyo's reply: Thank You for contacting Onkyo USA Product Support. We apologize for the delay in responding to your email. We are experiencing a heavy volume of inquiries. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Dialogue Normalization (Dialog Norm) is a feature of Dolby Digital. Dialog normalization is a function of Dolby Digital that is used to correct the playback level of...
My only reason for upgrading would be for the Pre-outs. So, going with 808's extra power isn't that important to me since I would be adding separate amps anyways.
I emailed Onkyo about the "DIALOG NORM +/- " thing. Maybe they will reply soon. Has anyone else figured anything out about it?
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