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In other words, you're a troll, and can't handle it when someone calls you on it...truely a pathetic troll, a hypocrite as well, as evidenced by every post you make. Have a nice day
I know that they don't.
No, I'm not. Many people claim that using a Y adaptor, which simply parallels 3 connectors, will provide them with 3 to 6 dB of gain. I disagree, and I've explained why..but it involves knowing what a voltage divider is....which is apparently too much to comprehend.
If only you had a clue. Most powered subs don't have two voice coils, or the two amps required to drive them.
nuthead, you're clearly just a troll...what do you have to add? apparently, absolutely nothing. You should apologise for ruining yet another thread, with your off topic childish antics.
...but you are, nuthead, but you are!
I rest my case. You're not an EE, but you know all this stuff, because you read (non technical) magazines, and have spoken to a stereo salesman.Why? I posted my opinion, as you did yours.
What other parts? The terminating resistors can be ignored.So, I was wrong, some people still think you can double or quadruple the power, by paralleling two resistors.3dB or 6dB...no-one's ever sure BTW, if it gives you 'gane', you should see a doctor.
...and a complete lack of understanding of basic electronic principlesm, hence, requiring the 'audiophile' to use meaningless words like "soundstage" and "imaging".
It's funny, a year ago, most of the posts would have been telling you that the 'y' adaptor adds 3 to 6 dB of Gain, and then swearing up and down that they've actually measured it. When it's explained to them that the 'y' simply put the two summing resistors in parallel...they gloss over, and insist that they got 3 to 6 dB of gain (they're never sure if it's 3 or 6)
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