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Just picked up a toshiba A30 off the warehouse sales from Amazon. I've got the HD DVD attachment for my 360 and have been looking to pick up a stand alone machine for a while now. Specifically, I need a good upscaling DVD player for my wife and for $100, a great upscaler that plays the HD DVDs I've already got is a great deal. Thanks to all here to pointed the sale out to me. Mark
Here you go. http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2 They have multiple colors and their prices are excellent. Mark Santora
I was having a similar problem for a while then I found this... http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00033864 Surprisingly works very well. I've got a Moxi DVR (with additional external 500gb drive), Onkyo 797, Onko CP702, Xbox 360 with HD DVD, PS3, Wii, Network router, and monster power regulator in there. Oh it also holds my Sharp 46 inchd and center channel speaker. It's a workhorse. I did modify it a bit though. I added some cooling fans and modified the...
I do get the idea of commissions. It's more an issue of customer service. If BB or CC had even TRIED to work with us and not treated us like we were pulling them away from their myspace pages, I wouldn't have been so put off. And while Santa Monica is not Burbank, Los Angeles is Los Angeles. And as there is another CC right next to TV Authority (and a BB within two miles), I don't have a problem with asking them to work with me a little. They didn't. And badly. But...
Yeah, BB is now officially on my "not unless I have to list." My monies can be spent elsewhere. Mom and Pop shops are just fine with me. Mark "Stingray2019" Santora
Thanks. Trust me, I'll let everyone know. Mark "Stingray2019" Santora
My Sharp 46d62u purchase experience. Not a price discussion story - I promise. So it started out with research. Lost of it. And even with the threatening issue of banding which I learned about here, I still decided it was the tv for the wife and I. Now as my wife knows I am a massive research whore before I spend big bucks (cars / a/v equipment / computer supplies), if I tell her this is the best bang for the buck, she will simply say - "ok." Gotta love her. So...
Sunday through Wednesday the set was $2399 @ Best Buy. It kicked up to $2999 on Thursday/Black Friday. I almost bought it outright when I saw it... .
the newer models have pretty much fixed that from what I hear- serial number 611. Past that, anything else you might suggest? Thanks Mark Santora
I'm looking to purchase in the next week or so and am soliciting opinions on these sets. Honestly, I'm leaning towards the Sharp Aquos 46D62U. 1:1 pixel mapping and better blacks . Anyone care to offer up thier opinions on the Samsung 4696D to pull me away from the Sharp? Thanks Mark Santora
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