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Nicely done. I wish I had had a Condo when I was 23! Oh the trouble I would've gotten into... =-) Mark
I have a 1929 home that, when I bought it, had almost original wiring in it. The first thing I had done was the entire house was re-wired. New Fuse Box - everything. And while it gave me a much better peace of mind it wasn't until I plugged in a power regulator/cleaner did I notice a difference. First was the power monitor. I can regularly watch my incoming power go from 117 to 124 - it should be 120. And this is with completely new wiring. I can't imagine how bad...
Not sure. I do know that the Oppo Blu ray player does SACD / DVD-Audio. I believe, but not positive, that they are done over HDMI. Mark
And as I get ready for bed - a new firmware update! Not sure what it does but this is the second one since the unit shipped. The first update took about 30 minutes, while this one took 4. Gotta hit the Denon site and see if they list what kind of changes are going on...
I'll grab some pictures this weekend. Too tired to set up the camera tonight. Mark
batbig's dead on with his answer to this one. The only thing I'd remind you is that Cable boxes aren't made for people like AVSers. We generally dig in deep and try to optimize everything about our systems. That's one of the reasons we read/post here... Most cable boxes are built for the lowest common denominator. Only one connection out at a time and options that are simplified (if not hampered due to DRM and contractual obligations). I know my Moxi box (original...
That's a great price Brian. I didn't pay near that. I've never purchased anything through Electronics Expo, so I'll be interested to see how your experience was in the end. Mark
Hello Fellow 'Cane! BSC '94. Nice to see another one around here! Great Build btw. Love the stonework around the screen. Mark
Great minds think alike Frank! I think we were writing responses at the same time! Mark
Honestly, the 4310 didn't offer me anything I needed. Sure, there were a couple of Oooo, that'd be cool moments. But I followed that with - do I really need it? Extra Power? I already make the room shake. Wife occasionally asks me to turn it down. Wouldn't make any difference to me. MultiEQ XT? No deal breaker for me there. I think that MultiEQ is more than good enough. I deal with a lot of Audio / Video at work (I'm an editor), so I can hear the difference in...
New Posts  All Forums: