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OK Greg. The answer for you about Component GUI - Yes. Everything of the GUI (or at least what I saw while I was fooling around) appeared on the screen. Thing to remember though - is that the unit does not Down Convert. Meaning if you hook up a Blu Ray player via HDMI, it will not display via the 3310ci's component output. No HDMI inputs (PS3/Xbox 360/Blu Ray/ etc) will output via component. All give thanks for HDCP for this one... Mark
I see that kind of thread getting very, very dangerous. I've still got the bulk of my consoles, including the 2600 + the Jaguar!!! How well do you think the scaling in the 3310 will work? Make the dragon in Adventure look like Panzer Dragoon Zwei? Mark
Hey Frank. Glad to see you're enjoying the unit. I still haven't had time to do the Audyssey set up. Will most likely wait until I've got the Entertainment Center finished - I'm re-staining it and adding temperature controlled fans as it's enclosed. I'm tempted to pull the Sega Genesis out and see how well it scales with the 3310. =-) Mark
bvader, I've got a 3310 set up and running. I can't tell you if it has Burr Browns inside it, but I'll be happy to answer anything I can about the unit. Mark
These are from the 3310ci over HDMI to the Sharp 46inch set. Sorry Dave's a little blurry.
Greg. Haven't forgotten about your request about GUI over Component. Just been real busy here and I don't have an extra set of component cables lying around. I can snag a set from the office and try tomorrow night. Mark
Unless you've changed it the 3310 has the conversion already set to on. So all you would have to do is figure out how to get your DVD player not to upconvert. It could be tied to your output. HDMI? Component? Mark
Hey Steve. As an owner of the 3310 I can confirm, much to my wife's delight, that the Volume is indeed on screen over HDMI. Mark
Yes, the volume overlay (over HDMI) is there. It's a small black box with white text in it. Not too large. Not sure if you can resize/move it. I haven't timed it, but I'd say it's up for about 3 seconds. Mark
I can try the GUI over component for you tomorrow. Right now I've got everything running through the HDMI to the set. As for the HDMI (audio) and component (video) at the same time - I'm pretty sure this won't work. HDMI needs the handshake to output. And it is notoriously sensitive. It's all part of the HDCP which I have been struggling with at work. There are external boxes you can buy to make the HDMI split the HD Video and Audio, like the HD Fury 2. They talk...
New Posts  All Forums: