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Hardly an authoritative source, but a poster here claims to have heard from Friedkin himself (presumably at an appearance in promotion of his memoir) that it's a new 4K master.
They should be the same disc. Paramount isn't likely to do different versions of a catalog title for the UK and France.
The 40th anniversary was 2004--somebody just took old art and slapped it onto a BD template. Disney would be nuts to not have this out by the end of the year and miss out on Christmas sales and Saving Mr. Banks. They'll probably still call it a "50th Anniversary Edition," though. As for 20,000 Leagues, I suspect they want to release it closer to the David Fincher remake, which just got pushed back again (to 2015 at the earliest).
Shout! Factory's Cliff MacMillian has written on his Facebook page that they have an SE of this in the works, even though Universal is still doing their own bare-bones release next month. Anyway, this gives me an excuse to post this.
UK distributor Second Sight has Streets of Fire in the pipeline, but it's not dated yet. And neveser should be happy to hear that Shout!/Scream Factory has announced Prince of Darkness for the fall.
Is there something wrong with it? If you're wondering why there's no multichannel mix, I'd be extremely surprised if the film had one to begin with, and Criterion doesn't do remixes unless the director wants one.
There's no commentary. Tarantino has never done a commentary for one of his own movies (i.e. a movie that he directed and didn't just write/produce/"present"). There's one for Reservoir Dogs, but that was just pieced together from preexisting interviews.
Yes. Best Buy's disc has something called "Around the Globe with Django Unchained: Conversations with the Filmmakers and Cast," which I'm guessing is a bunch of interview footage culled from press junkets. Supposedly it runs around 30 minutes. Wal-Mart has a 23-minute documentary called "Re-imagining the Spaghetti Western." Target has the Comic Con panel that's already on Youtube (which sucks because I want that steelbook). Pretty sure all three bonus discs are DVDs.
From Facebook, confirming something long suspected:
DH5 was the first one in 1.85. The director says they chose it because they thought it was more suited to IMAX and to handheld camerawork.
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