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I would assume they mean Taiwanese Mandarin with traditional subs. The odds of Disney bothering to dub and subtitle a movie in Taiwanese are basically zero.
I don't see how that's related to this situation. This announcement was made on February 3rd and the Ran BD was announced and added to the site in mid-February. It was pulled sometime within the past couple of days. And all of their other upcoming Blus are still listed -- Ran is the only one that's gone missing.
Well, the founder (Michael Koch) is Austrian. Apparently the current majority owner is a UK-based hedge fund, but Koch's operations are still limited to North America.
As Dex Robinson pointed out earlier, almost all of the favorable reviews at Amazon are by people with no review history -- a couple of them even reviewed the Blu-ray and the DVD. It's blatant astroturfing, nothing more. The only question is whether it's Koch, NHP, or someone else behind it.Koch is and always has been an American company, currently headquartered in New York. It's not German.
DVD Savant chimes in, with his usual care (cough cough) for technical detail:No, it's not entirely favorable, but really, how in God's name is this even slightly "attractive"? If I saw a theatrical print that looked like this, I'd go to the box office and demand my money back. And it's odd that he can note the blurred frames and "dissolve-bump effect" without noticing the elephant in the room: that NHP, for all their "restored" talk, almost certainly sourced this from an...
As discussed in another thread, there was a multi-track mix for the 70mm version (the 35mm prints were matrixed Lt/Rt). I asked Criterion why they didn't use it, but the reason they gave (it wasn't suitable for home video) seemed iffy to some people -- I don't know enough about mixing practices to make my own judgment. The French DVD had a 5.1 track but I dunno where it came from.
A few years ago I would've said that (a full twenty minutes of NC-17-level violence) seems too ridiculous to be true, but in light of Gibson's latter-day work, I'm not so sure
That's pretty cheeky of him, considering the white and black detail (or lack thereof) in his new-and-improved version.
The animated series? Let us never speak of that again.
Older news, but "Jon Mulvaney" wrote to a poster on the Criterion Forums and said they're hoping to move away from the cardboard BD packaging once they can line up some custom clear cases.
New Posts  All Forums: