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This is the first room project that has grabbed my attention in years. A true inspiration for the majoriy of the population.
It's the broadcast. It happens on my projector also. Not every game but a lot of them. It's almost like a non HD camera is being used.
SonyHome's calibration looks good. Plenty of pop to the picture, which I like. Animation looks alive.
Is there an a semi agreed upon calibration for standard mode, 844U? I have read a couple of setups, some where done not on this exact set.
Great deal. What setting was it on for your demo? Dynamic, Standard, ect...
A before and after pic would help let us know what to expect. My one projector calibration left my picture very dull. It is not just my opinion but everyone with whom I show it too.
Any calibrations for Standard or Dynamic? The other modes seem washed out. Anyone play with the 3D settings of just leave them stock? Thanks!
Playstation 3D glasses or Sharp G20 3D glasses for best picture on a 844u 80inch?   Forget comfort!
My tv showed up and works great!
I bought my TV there and had a great experience. Yes I paid the insurance but it was advertised.
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