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Antenna is installed outside mounted around 6' off the ground. I am able to get channel 22 but the signal is weak. Channel 7's sub channel 7.2 is a rebroadcast of 22.1 and in turn channels 22 sub channel 22.2 is a rebroadcast of 7.1. I haven't checked the analog channels, but they aren't important to me.
I purchased and installed a RCA ANT751R and have no issues getting my local channels except for VHF channel 2. I thought I read that the 751 didn't do a great job with low VHF. I am able to get VHF 5 & 7 w/o issues. http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29&q=id%3d1dda97f0f9e967
Surprisingly no nudity in the season opener. Wife commented that I must have been disappointed.
Does anyone have any tips on canceling? I tried but after 30 min hung up, they keep talking and no mater what u say they keep talking. Tho I did qualify for 5 promos each one was cheaper than the first.
With the national deal and the AAA deal on top of that I had to make the switch from cable. Much cheaper over the next 2 years and the same price after that.
Still at 99.2 as of last night on my set. Anyone else confirm?
Has anyone heard if/when TWC might be adding more HD channels? They were suppose to add Fox soccer hd last month but that hasn't happened.
They should have classic cable which is channels 2-70.
Are the SD and HD channel have the same name in the guide? If so, its a known bug.
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