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Any time you make a connection, whether it's a splice, a patch panel punchdown, or just at the RJ45 end, you can have a performance drop. Since you can't run new cat5, you're stuck with either these couplers, or you could put a hub/switch at the junction, and then run new cable from there to the rack.
R19 won't have a serious affect on the sound traveling upstairs. One thing to realize, is that a lot of soundproofing/sound isolating is really almost an all or nothing deal. If your room isn't going to be enclosed with a door, any mitigation attempts on your ceiling will be wasted. You might be better off finishing the room for aesthetic appearances, and when you want reference level sound, use a good pair of headphones.
I did notice that it says wall plate is not included, but then again, I only see white/almond wall plates. For the money they charge, you'd think they'd throw in a wall plate...
I found it, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
I'm not seeing anything on Smarthome other than white or almond.
I was told by the folks at Soundproofing Company not to bother with using sealant for drywall between the joists. So that'll save you some time and money if you skip that step.
Where to buy colored Insteon switches? Most of what I see on Amazon is white or almond, and I'm looking for black.
Great looking build, and good to see another Husker area build!
I actually bought one of those, and found it a royal pain to get working, and it never seemed to stay aligned properly. It might have been my el-cheapo circular saw though.
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