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The number of displays that can be turned to a single large display is Radeon: up to 6, GeForce: up to 3 (Quadro supports more by Mosaic).
Basically 2560x1440 is a PC monitor standard, not for CE (although supported by CEA-861)...
Radeon card supports 4 displays (EyeFinity). But you will need DisplayPort.
Clone mode means sending the same video signals (of the highest common resolution, 1920x1080p, in your case) to both displays.
Intel HD 4600 (or any graphics in Haswell chip) gives a better "23.976Hz".
There are only two ways to get 5.1 surrounds with VSX-823: 1. Use HDMI. But it looks like you can't because of an EDID problem? 2. Use S/PDIF. This is limited to DD/DTS, however. No TrueHD/DTS-HD/multichannel LPCM. You can't use multichannel analog outs of the motherboard (Realtek chip).
act as an HTPC and a media/file server ... Case: Silverstone ML03B What kinds of media are you going to to serve? The case can hold only two HDDs (good for music, but not enough for videos), are you going to add external HDD enclosures?
Celeron G1820 is enough.
It is always CPU that does transcoding...
Core i3-2100 integrated GPU is pretty good. No reason to add a cheap graphics such as Radeon HD 6450. You can switch between limited-range RGB (default, normally you can't change it) and full-range RGB by "NVIDIA & Intel RGB Levels Tweaker" (madLevelsTweaker.exe) included in madVR. You don't have to use madVR video renderer itself. As for audio, every graphics card is the same. Lossless audio will be modified by Windows Audio Engine unless you use WASAPI exclusive mode....
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