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It is always CPU that does transcoding...
Core i3-2100 integrated GPU is pretty good. No reason to add a cheap graphics such as Radeon HD 6450. You can switch between limited-range RGB (default, normally you can't change it) and full-range RGB by "NVIDIA & Intel RGB Levels Tweaker" (madLevelsTweaker.exe) included in madVR. You don't have to use madVR video renderer itself. As for audio, every graphics card is the same. Lossless audio will be modified by Windows Audio Engine unless you use WASAPI exclusive mode....
Yup, I will wait for the next official build. My own results, v0.87.9, Build 1, Build 2 when upscaling 720p60 to 1080p60 with Level 4 (BC75AR, N16, BC75AR, CRARLL) and R9 270X. Build 1 is the best.
Drag and drop a mkv file in mkvMerge GUI > File > Header Editor (or open it by File > Open). You can change / add a flag value.
If you mean Blu-ray 3D, then PQ is almost identical whatever graphics processor you use.
J1800 motherboards J1900 motherboards
Intel NUC DN2820FYKH Bay Trail. Bay Trail-D is even better than Celeron N2820 (Bay Trail-M). (D = desktop, M = mobile)
Intel HD Graphics is perhaps better than HD 6450 because deinterlacing is done in ASIC (unless you encounter the 29/59 Bug).
Celeron G1820 is enough, or A6-6400K if he wants 3D. Add a discrete graphic card only when PQ is unsatisfactory. As far as deinterlacing is concerned, Celeon = Pentium = Core i3/i5/i7.
The case can hold 15 3.5" drives if you add a Hard Drive Cage for RPC-450, RPC-470 This is a 5-in-3 cage that turns consecutive three 5.25" bays in any case to five 3.5" bays.
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