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In my own test, QS is not the worst, CUDA encoder is (a lot) worse than QS, QS implemented in Haswell is not that bad, but still x264 is better. (Differences can be seen in fast moving scenes and scenes with grains./ textures.) Encoding time with x264 is longer, of course.
Here. (Search with user name "renethx" and keywords "levels" in this thread.)
If yours R7260X-DC2OC-2GD5? Then that's good , I was afraid that the heatpipes were too tall.
I tested a couple of clips with Core i3-530, H55 chipset mb, DDR3-1333 2 x 4GB, Radeon HD 7790 (R7 260X) whose performance is almost equivalent to HD 7850, CCC 14.3 Beta, Win7 Pro SP1. I don't see any problem with Level 5b. Rendering time:16ms to upscale SD to FHD31ms to upscale HD to FHDOf course if the content is 'video', then you will see lots of dropped frames (the rendering time has to be Make sure in CCC > Information > Hardware > Maximum Bus Setting, you see "PCI...
Good. A tall graphics card such as ASUS R7 260X DirectCu may not fit Node 607.
A conversion table: - 1 KB = 10^3 B (bytes) - 1 KiB = 1024 B = (1.024) x 10^3 B = 1.024 KB - 1 KB = 1/(1.024) KiB = 0.976563 KiB - 1 MB = 10^6 B - 1 MiB = 1024 KiB = (1024)^2 B = (1.024)^2 MB = 1.04858 MB - 1 MB = 1/(1.024)^2 MiB = 0.953671 MiB - 1 GB = 10^9 bytes - 1 GiB = 1024 MiB = (1024)^3 B = (1.024)^3 GB = 1.07374 GB - 1 GB = 1/(1.024)^3 GiB = 0.931324 GiB = 953.674 MiB - 1 TB = 10^12 B - 1 TiB = 1024 GiB = (1024)^4 B = (1.024)^4 TB = 1.09951 TB - 1 TB =...
The effect of NNEDI3 luma upscaling is pretty obvious even in a 1080p display.
Audio exclusive mode (audio encryption) has worked with 48kHz (or higher) 24bit LPCM audio (this is an AACS requirement), but not with 48KHz 16bit LPCM (always sent to Windows mixer). Maybe this is improved? Or you can choose WASAPI shared / exclusive mode for any audio stream (e.g. in MKV)?
Not necessarily. Clarkdale i3 supports PCI Express 2.0 and this suffices in many cases with AMD GPU. NVIDIA GPU is not affected by PCI Express version.
GTS 450 has enough power for Level 5b in upscaling SD movies to FHD (~30ms). For HD movies (i.e. 720p24), it can do Level 4a (~36ms), but only when you disable anti-ringing filter for chroma upscaling and luma downscaling Processor is not important. Any processor should be good.
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