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Not necessarily. Clarkdale i3 supports PCI Express 2.0 and this suffices in many cases with AMD GPU. NVIDIA GPU is not affected by PCI Express version.
GTS 450 has enough power for Level 5b in upscaling SD movies to FHD (~30ms). For HD movies (i.e. 720p24), it can do Level 4a (~36ms), but only when you disable anti-ringing filter for chroma upscaling and luma downscaling Processor is not important. Any processor should be good.
Add an after market cooler only if you feel the stock cooler is too weak (i.e. too noisy to cool down CPU properly).
Processor: Celeron G1820 is enough for video playback. Core i3-4130 or Core i5-4670(K) or even Core i7-4770(K) if you are interested in CPU intensive tasks such as SVP (Smooth Video Project). Motherboard: B85 or H87 chipset motherboard is enough. ASUS, ASRock, GIGABYTE or MSI. For example, MSI H87M-G43 (microATX), ASRock B85 Pro4 (ATX). Memory: DDR3-1600 2 x 2GB such as G.SKILL F3-12800CL9D-4GBNQ.
Yup, the next step up is 280X, then 290X, obviously. 280X is pretty capable that can do what 290X can do (assuming level 4 is very close to level 5 for 780p contents) and a lot cheaper than 290X. With the default settings of madVR (except for luma scaling). But noise is always a problem. Water cooling is recommended for 280X / 290X.
A6-6400K is the coolest among all desktop APUs, the max power consumption is < 100W. The stock cooler is good for most people. You can add a third-party cooler anytime later (e.g. Scythe Shuriken Rev. B SCSK-1100 or Cooler Master GeminII M4).
You should be fine with any motherboard by ASUS, ASRock, GIGABYTE, MSI. Every FM2+ motherboard supports FM2 too. Included PSU should be fine.
The difference between madVR (Jinc/NNEDI3) and XBMC (Lanczos at best) in upscaling SD/HD contents in a FHD dsiplay (let alone 4K UHD display) is night and day in my (and many others') eyes. Some screenshots with Jinc and Lanczos here. The difference between NNEDI3 and Lanczos is even bigger. If your main source is FHD=1080p, iGPU is good enough, of course (no 3D means Celeron G1820 is the best choice in performance and price). XBMC has still a problem with Intel iGPU in...
Yup, I am more and more inclined to think that madVR won't work with these dual die cards unless madshi comes up with a solution to CFX/SLI. Internally the two dies are just connected by PLX PCIe bridge... Passive DP-HDMI 2.0 adapter is perhaps what we will want (along with proper driver update). Active adapter would be more problematic.
Not just R9 270X but "MSI R9 270X GAMING 2G". Perhaps the quietest card of R9 270X.
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