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8GB total is overkill for a HTPC. If you want 2 x 4GB, there are better choices, like this.
Should be good enough. You will want two sticks of memory (the system performance degrades in single channel mode). 2 x 2GB is enough.
Perhaps it easier to buy a Molex 3-pin connector ($6.50 shipped!) than find an appropriate adapter.
Yup, "another player" includes an external player launched from inside XBMC.
PSU takes cold air from the outside of the case via the fan, then emits hot air from the rear. So the case temperature won't affect PSU (and PSU won't affect the case temperature either). Unless you orient the fan toward the inside of the case intentionally, of course. (The figure below is not so good to illustrate this because this particular PSU is designed to take also the air inside the case.)
RPM sensing has nothing to do with fan speed control, at least in the case of CX430 (and most PSUs), it's not "FanXpert".
The third pin is just for rpm sensor for the sake of the user. It has nothing to do with fan speed control. The fan speed is controlled by varying the voltage to the power pin (5-12V). Another pin is grounded, of course.
HA1225M12S-Z is a 2000rpm fan? PSU changes the fan speed (by adjusting voltage from the 2pin connector) in accordance with the load, like this way: You won't see fan speed change until ~50% (215W) load. CX430 is 80 PLUS Bronze, that means, for example, when the load is 50%, AC-DC conversion process emits 215W/0.85 - 215W = 38W heat inside the PSU. A 120mm fan even at a very slow speed like 800rpm can handle it easily. Nothing to worry about overheating with moderate...
XBMC (that you are using?) has had problems with Intel GPU when DXVA2 is turned on. Disable it or use another player.
The point is whether you can insert ffdshow (raw video filter) in the video playback filter chain. You can't use ffdshow with PowerDVD / TMT / WMC with CableCard tuner / Netflix. 2D BD: Yes if you use a non-commercial player such as MPC-HC / MPC-BE 3D BD with Frame packing output: No, one reason is that HDMI 1.4a does not have enough bandwidth for 1920x1080x2 @60fps. Live TV (movies) over OTA / clear QAM: Maybe possible. But 60i telecined movie has to be converted to 24p...
New Posts  All Forums: