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I did a quick test and found that it's the PCI Express version that affects OpenCL D3D9 interop the greatest. PCIe 1.1: ~130fps PCIe 2.0: ~250fps PCIe 3.0: ~330fps (AMD), ~370fps (IVB Core i5) , ~420fps (Haswell) I also saw the same symptom as StinDaWg's (very slow 41.7ms rendering time with HD 7770 PCIe 1.1 at neurons 16 720p24->1080p24 upscaling). So if you want to use NNEDI3, you should go with a PCIe 3.0 platform, in particular, Haswell. CPU support PCIe 2.0: All...
For movies (24fps after film mode deinterlacing = IVTC), 7770 is enough. Only for videos (60fps after video mode deinterlacing), 7790 is necessary. 1GB GDDR5 is enough.
I forgot to mention DVD video (not movie), mostly documentaries and music concerts. R7 250X = 7770 is good for neurons 16, but R7 260X = 7790 is necessary for neurons 32 with these contents (GPU has to work 2.5 times harder with video than movie: 60fps/24fps = 2.5). As for PQ Bicubic, Lanczos (Intel, AMD's DXVA2 mode)
GD04 / GD05 is a good choice for Core i3 with stock cooler, a microATX H81/H87 motherboard and Radeon HD 7770 = R7 250X (e.g. HIS, ~$100). Core i5-3570 is pointless (its anemic iGPU can do only DXVA2 mode with madVR, that's far inferior for DVD upscaling).
If you want to stay with integrated GPU solution, then A10-7850K ($180) is the only one that can do the highest madVR setting. But you have to buy a good CPU cooler (~$35 or higher). With the same amount of money $215, you can get Core i3-4130, $115, and Radeon HD 7770 / R7 250X, $100. The latter is far better in performance and power consumption (120W max vs 190 max).
madVR uses GPU exclusively. Any decent dual core CPU is enough for video playback (you will want a better CPU only when you do CPU intesive tasks such as encoding/transcoding videos and SVP). If you want to get the best PQ, you'd better spend money on GPU instead of CPU.
I spoke too soon. R9 280X (HD 7970) can do N16 / CRAR for 720p60 (~13ms), but R9 270X (HD 7870) may struggle. R9 280X is 1.5 times better than R9 270X or R9 270X is only two thirds of R9 280X. I will test R9 720X this weekend. BTW what's your source of 720p60? I thought it's rare (older camcorders, some TV broadcast, 720p24 with SVP).
A6-6400K can do neurons 16 + bilinear upscaling for DVDs, but can't do neurons 32 + bicubic 75 with AR, although neurons 16 + bilinear is substantial improvement over any other existing upscaling algorithm. Celeron G1820 ($47) or higher + Radeon HD 7770 / R7 250X ($100) or higher is a good choice for this purpose. Any H81 / H87 motherboard from ASRock, ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE should be good (look at features, enough SATA ports, USB 3.0 ports, PCIe x16, x4, x1 slots?).
A6-6400K, A6-5400K.
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