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My local Costco just dropped the price by $200.00. New price is $1299.99.
Davidt1, I do not think Panasonic has posted the new software for download yet. I checked and only see version 1.59. As you probably already know, this model has built-in wireless and wired ethernet capabilities. Is there any way you can connect it up to a home network? The download did not take very long for me (5 minutes) and it went without a hitch. If not, I suggest you contact Panasonic customer support. Good luck!
I have mine for a few days. Did you check to make sure you are running on latest firmware version 1.63? - No vertical bar - Very quiet operation. Maybe the inserted disc/media is marginal? Not sure about auto-play for cds.... If I was in your shoes, I'd be exchanging it for a another one. Maybe you have a lemon?
I just purchased mine a few days ago and have the latest firmware upgrade (1.63). I do not have those options under the Audio Settings either: I only have the High Clarity option: Sound Effects*1, *2 Select the sound effect.≥ Digital Tube Sound [BDT210] :This feature gives you warm sound, like that produced by a vacuum tube amplifier. ≥ Re-master : This feature gives you brighter sound by increasing the high frequency portion of the audio. (Discs recorded at 48 kHz or...
I have lip sync issues with my lc-52le925un. Noticed tonight it on Letterman, Leno, CNNHD, etc. Using DTV HR24 and HDMI cable. It looks to me like the video is ahead of the audio. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Just ordered the DMP-BDT210 online with store pickup option from BestBuy. The price in my cart was $163.99 + tax. But when I picked it up today, I only payed $143.99 + tax. I was hoping to get it for $127.99 but still a good deal.http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...0#post20495430
Well, the online price in my shopping cart was $163.99 + tax. But when I went to pick it up. I only paid $143.99 + tax: See attached jpg.
Hey, you know what? I just purchased one online and will pickup at store. Even though the price shows $163.99. It says in small print: Additional savings (with qualified purchase): $36.00 Sounds like they are taking the discount twice? Thanks for the info! I'll post my results tomorrow.
I was just about to pull the trigger on the Panasonic DMP-BDT210... I see the Sony PS3 Slim for $299.99 at Best Buy. They also include a $60 gift card. Please help me decide. Thank you.
I am considering purchasing the DMP-BDT210. Did you get your Avatar disc from Panasonic? If yes, how long did it take to arrive? They claim 8 - 14 weeks! Good grief that's a long time....
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