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I agree. I'm getting about 10 Mbps from WCIU but the video quality is excellent. Not much quality is lost compared to ESPN's 18 mbps.
NFL network games were shown on WPWR 50 last year. WGN will air Nov 18th game vs dolphins this year as well. ESPN sunday night games before they moved to NBC, were simulcast on ABC so they've been all over the place. I do remember a few years ago, Defalco and Silverman from ESPN 1000 did do a pregame show on WCIU.
13.4 is now showing up as MC-TV, korean religious TV.
I compared the DVD and CI HD and they are about the same. I think Itunes has better quality
I finally put the HD8200U up today and I'm getting MegaTV! It took me all day to do it. The thing is a behemoth and took me a while to put it together on the roof and mount it to my fake chimney. I'll have to call the station and tell them I can receive the station but it took a relatively expensive antenna to do it. Also the audio is a bit off on 13.2.
I just got it today. It's light but yeah it is HUGE. Hopefully I can get it up on the roof this weekend. This is the third time I've bought it from Amazon and the third time that I got a used antenna. (bent pieces) I bet antennas are one of the most returned items
Thanks for the post Dave I ordered a HD8200U based on your recommendations. I'll be watching on the roof as I try to calculate the type preamp I need when I figure out what my setup is going to be. I most likely will have two receivers, a dvico card for testing and one for regular watching. I may not even need one.
I'm watching analog 41 and they scrolled on the bottom to call in and say if you receive WOCK-CD 13.2 and comment on the quality. Now this is a channel that only korean grandma's watch at that hour and they are supposed to have a large directional antenna with a preamp? Chance of anyone who regularly watches that channels gets Mega TV is ZERO. I live in Skokie and I tried picking it up tonight with a Winegard SS-3000. No Chance so I'm wondering what type and how large of...
Thanks for the reply. I was watching WOCH analog 41 and they were advertising 41.3 as a 24/7 korean channel with 24/7 korean christian programming and that it would go live Aug 1st. But I wondered how this was possible if WOCH-LD isn't live yet. A bit confused here
Anyone know any information about 41.3? It's being advertised in chicago as MC-TV midwest christian tv channel 41.3 24/7 channel but when I do a scan, nothing shows up.
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