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well the sox lost today. but at least it was in HD in chicago
yeah through analog means. s-video is the way to go. there are dvd recorders with component in but the DVD won't be 1080i so there's no need really. I would think that good dvd recorders that can process an image better makes the bigger difference.
CCI=1 (isn't it D11?) homemade chicken soup. for some reason I could also see the TVGOS stuff through VLC. Bah. I may have selected my capture card instead of motorola tuner. who knows, it was 3 in the morning but I could have sworn I selected the tuner because the ratio was 16:9 and not the one with letterbox. Anyways, what I want to know is since it's realtime recording, will fast forward just mess up the stream? I'm getting terrible sync errors trying to archive some...
I have a weird story : I have the 6412 connected via Firewire and composite (to view) to my PC. I spilled some chicken soup on the STB and I hear the computer make that noise when you pull out a USB device so I start to get worried. The motorola tuner AV/C device is gone from the device manager but the video from the composite is showing a picture. The picture has black static like streaks but I don't know if it was the movie or the soup. The movie, as I later found...
Tonights Bulls game will be in Hi-Def via NBATVHD. INHD channel carries the games (for me at least) but I was wondering if it's going to be blacked out. WCIU is doing the local broadcast and they aren't HD yet, correct? I wonder what the picture is going to look like.
yeah I would check to see if you get the League pass channels during the demo period. There are two days left of this. ok, i did another scan and now I'm getting indemand ppv movies. Right now I'm watching 40 year old virgin and other ondemand content. is something screwy on the cable company's part? Thank you for your suggestion about local HDTV reception.
I have another question. Right now I am getting NBA league pass through the 3510a. The NBA is doing a free preview week for the package but I also subcribe to it. Am I getting it because of the free preview or because I paid for the package? I assume it's because I paid because I'm also getting HBO and I pay for that as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Prelude2244 Hi. stupid question but please be gentle. I have an LST-3510A and Directv. Can the LST3510A replace the Directv box and get me more channels? Thanks. no. 3510a is not a satellite receiver
I bought the LG 3510a from compgeeks and I find that it fits most of my needs. I think this unit would have been perfect if it included an analog tuner. (as well as the copy copyprotected DVI out). I have it plugged into a comcast cable and the QAM tuner gets a ton of unscrambled channels. most of them local, some ondemand stuff HBO's, and NBA league pass. My roomate has a television, TX-R2765 DynaFlat 27" (doesn't have a DVI/HDMI input) and component looks good enough...
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