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roommate threw it out with the junk mail.
Has anyone ever lost a blockbuster disc? How forgiving are they? And would they consider how long you've had an account? If they charge full price, I'd rather just buy one off of ebay and send that in.
Lilo and Stitch an 85 min movie in an 1 hour and 35 minute block = only 10 minutes of commercials And no Logos or pop ups so far edit : logo 10 minutes in
emergency backup
I agree. Colors are vivid yet realistic
10.75 Mbps (Thanks Emily Barr )WLS-DT Chicago I bet a blu ray would look great
Hdnet and Hdnet Movies are both gone without any warning either.
holy cow, you are right. I'm beyond pissed. This is the last straw with them. I give them close to $300 a month and they take away the only channels that are worth anything. It's no wonder I could not find the channel in any of the packages on their site yesterday.
I work for NCR and in live in Chicago and they will be everywhere. NCR bought DVDplay and has partnered with Blockbuster and according to the press release, they will be converted to the blockbuster express DVDplays are in most Dominick's stores
Here's some screen grabs Ticker free until Very clean and nice though throughout the match
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