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.exe is right I compared hdnet and DVD. Basically no improvement except epic over sharpening DVD on left, HDnet on right.
Here's an all in one solution http://www.svcd2dvd.com/HDTV2DVD/ HDTV to DVD. It works shockingly well.
I don't get it on my tv (overscan) but when I stream it to my pc I do get it.
ABC comparison with ESPN look at the detail on Gasol's face
TNT isn't using OTA off the local station but a high bitrate satellite uplink ESPN replays at night are much better than any local ABC station quality
people in michigan switched right away to the start of the red wings-ducks game and did not get to see the OT finish for the Hawks-Canucks. I think that's worse.I agreeThey really need overflow channels for all playoff games. Basketball on TNT doesn't do it even though they have TBS. However ESPN or ABC will show it on ESPN2. I'm sure if espn had the NHL there would be no stupid blackout rules.
didn't notice the bold. thanks for the tip
I guess there is no cable network exclusives as my regional sportsnetwork is doing round 2. Too bad as it won't be in HD according to chicago comcast webpage and they will black out versus I presume
ABC 7 Chicago OTA WLS-DT vs ESPN2 via RCN Free Image Hosting by ImageBam.com PNG screenshots so no extra artifacting created by jpgs roughly 10Mbps on ABC vs 17 Mbps on ESPN2
If you compare the bitrate for Chicago with any other city, Chicago is consistently in the 8-9 range. With the new subchannel, it's probably lower What a great game ruined by bad PQ
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