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ESPN will replay it tonight and I will do a comparison. Chicago ABC HD quality has turned into a joke. Since ABC has exclusive broadcast rights, no comcast sportsnet alternative with their 18mbps
I saw a promo for game 4 and it said presented in Widescreen format. There are quite a few road games on CSN baseball where it has been presented this way. also CSN ≠ TSN
TSN looked like it was HD or really good upconvert and looked alright. however the contrast was just too high. the ice was blinding I hate getting blacked out.
Tonight Bulls vs. Celtics TNTHD via RCN Cable (17.2mbps) vs Comcast Sportsnet Chicago HD (18mbps) MPEG2
I agree with the 76ers-Magic Game 1 picture. Very hazy but the picture was sharp enough. 18mbps via RCN firewire. Were there any fireworks that went off?
Quality sucks because it's an upconverted signal. Widescreen SD. They have raised the contrast and the sharpness to make it seem more hi-def than what it is.Versus HD is also blacked out in Chicago. I wish we could have a choice like the NBA because the picture quality is terrible.Here's a comparison in quality : Calgary Tonight vs Game 2 in Chicago
only if the game is close and there's enough time before they have to sign off.
In glorious SD
Inwood used his own Aaton XTR prod camera and Canon zoom lenses. He composed images in 4:3 format, while protecting for 16:9 aspect ratio so episodes could be aired in HD format when the market evolvedhttp://www.highdef.com/magazine/arch...08_6NovDec.pdf
This was via RCN around 17mbps. I can see the assertion that compression artifacts are due to grain
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