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bump for some info!
anyone else on here using any of these setups?
Im looking into some new gear...came down to 4 choices...please help with any other suggestions mcintosh mx 136 a/v control center & mc205 5 channel amp anthem statement d2 a/v controller & p5 amp lexicon mc12-hd a/v controller & rx-7 amp rotel 1068 sound processor & rmb 1095 amp & rve 1060 video scaler(hdmi) th used for movies and music...pro's and con's....please help....
anyone get curse of the golden flower, was looking for reviews but havent seen any yet?
judt recent;y added 21L's for my rears...the setup is complete and im very happy with music and HT sound overall...im also using svs sub for that added bass!
sony only store in nw pdx
I just saw this on sony's website...anyone else see it??? KDL-70XBR3...OMG!!!
quad's 22L, center, 12L's...you will be very impressed!!!
had my first encounter with return policy....costco rep said they are cracking down on returns over 30 days on tv's. that they would make a note on your account if returning more than one a year after 30 days...hmmm...just thought id share some info.
im gona be using a comcast HD feed... if that helps
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