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Say, if you yourself were in the market for this amp, what would be a realistic price? no hdmi, 7.1 @ 200w. It does have 2x 7.1 analog inputs, so it could still be utilized for dts-hd and dolby truhd. Original MSRP in 2004 was $4500.
where did you look at the xbr9? was it the 32"?
correct me if i'm wrong, but sony tvs tend be very limited when using the vga input... you won't have much control over all those settings.
so i have an aging str-da9000ES... i'm curious if i should drop the cash on such a bluray player or if i should get get a new av receiver it seems like the 5000ES gets mixed review on its 7.1ch analog sound? what would you guys do?
good idea, i contacted dalite via chat and i was told that uneven temperature variations will result in wavyness. I'll just be sure to completely block out any sunlight.
mounted in front of a window? It's a cinema vision permwall screen, and i'm curious if its translucent at all. Will sunlight filter through the screen, or is the cinema vision thick enough to block all the light coming in from this window?
awesome! that's good to know are these screens paintable?
whats the general take on these screens? good/bad/so&so?
awesome, thanks for the help!
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