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There is a device that is not marketed as an automatic input switcher, but as a device that the user can adjust the audio delay to lip sync the picture with the sound. It features an automatic input selector that switches the input to an active signal. Maybe it could be used for your purposes as an auto input selector without adding any delay as the delay is adjustable from 0 and up. Check out this: http://www.felston.com/dd540/operation.htm It features: "Automatic input...
When I set up my PB12 NSD it replaced a Velo CHT-12. I mulled over the same question what to do with the Velodyne...I came up with the idea of using it to supplement the bass in my rear surround channels. I have used my receiver's pre out surround channels to send a signal to the Velodyne placed between my 2 rear surround speakers. I used RG6 cable with RCA connectors I attached to send the surround signals to the low level input ion the Velodyne ( it's about a 25' run)...
Have you tried the "direct" video signal conversion selection that the manual mentions on page 57? It would seem that will pass the signal to your tv unprocessed and let the tv do the conversion. My receiver does not do video processing and my cable box is set to "passthrough" which allows my tv to do the upconversion to whatever the original signal is and I don't get the stretching that you are having trouble getting rid of. So if your Sony receiver follows that same type...
First you say"Unfortunately, the marketing folks over at Harman haven't seen fit to release the detailed charts on how well their speakers perform" And then you say" Again, consider that the P360, which has thinner cabinets and "MMD" versus "CMMD" performs better overall than the Beta speakers and the Interlude speakers. I'm not talking about subjective reviews here, I'm talking about objective measurements -- in one of the most sophisticated labs on the planet. I'm...
They are taking forever to add SciFi HD to the line up. There are 2 or 3 they've added I'd gladly trade for SciFi!
I also will add that there os a UVERSE discussion group for CT here: http://www.uverseusers.com/component...,2/board,18.0/
One can only hope that UVERSE rolls out their service as quickly as possible. We can't wait for it to happen here in Harwinton but I fear it's still quite a long way off.
Looks like a deal is in the works for WTNH and Charter: http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/080611/20080611006203.html?.v=1 Now back to the OTA discussion.
You could run the third set of speakers in series with either the "A" or "B" set of speakers as you're just looking for background music anyway. That would keep the impedence the receiver sees above 8 ohms. This describes the connections: http://www.bcae1.com/spkrmlti.htm Hope this helps!
Page 18 of the manual says "“SURROUND” and “SFC” do not work if you select “B”." Page 19 states " Use SPEAKERS B if you have connected another set of speakers to the B terminals. Sound will be heard in stereo while SPEAKERS B is on."
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