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From the article: "Jason came across a threat at AVSForum by Jeff from Night Sky Murals" Might want to ask them to correct their typo - I'm sure you didn't threaten anyone...
Same problem here with the 7000ES and Ghost Protocol. Tried to play the disc a few times, as in your case it just shut the machine down when trying to load the disc. Disc plays fine in the Oppo.
Been using the following for just over a year. We've been very happy with the setup. Marantz 15S1 SMX Screen (130"x54") gain 1.16 Panamorph UH440 (throw ratio 2.1) Sorry, no screen shots.
The user guide for the 15S1 indicates it does support 1080/24p. I was under the impression that the 15S1 uses a DC3 - seen references in the forum to this - the user guide doesn't get specific on this. I'm on the list for the Holiday Special - I was extremely surprised at the price. Anyone who is even slightly interested in this projector really must give AVS a call.
I've been lurking in the forum for a while getting ideas, and admiring everyone's theaters. I plan to start construction of my home theater later this year, but am now starting to think about the design. I'm in the position of having an almost square room for the theater - the dimensions being 19.75 ft(W) by 19.5 ft(L) by 9.5 ft(H), which I understand could lead to less than optimum acoustics. I'm looking for ideas as to how best deal with this type of room, without...
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