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Can someone please explain these D-Nice settings and how to access them for my ZT60. Can't figure it out. Thanks. HDMI Content Type ***All Off*** HDMI/DVI RGB Range ***All Off***
Thanks guys for the 3D glasses feedback. Also, when these 3D glasses are sold out, does that mean there will never be replacement models for the ZT/VT etc? Ever? Or can we get replacements from other manufactures in like 2-4 years down the road? Thanks
About the high end Panasonic glasses for 3D viewing on my ZT60, could someone please post that model #? Thanks
I want to ask if anyone here in Canada or Toronto has had the foam kit installed on their VT or ZT to deal with the fan noise? What has been your experience? Did you question the tech to make sure that they knew the back cover had to be aligned properly before reapplying to avoid the microfractures? I only have to the end of October 2014 to get this fix done if I decide to go ahead with it. I don't know if I should post this in the Official ZT thread? Thanks
Hello all, have a couple of questions: Is the BD230 the same as the BD330 blu-ray picture quality wise. From what I can see the features that the 330 has that the 230 does not have is the dual HDMI, 4k upscaling but otherwise are the same? Also, is the 230 a good alternative if one does not want to over spend with an Oppo? I will be mating it up with a 65" inchZT60. Thanks
Can someone suggest for me the best 2 or 3 Blu-ray players (not a PS3) to match with my 65" ZT60 that is not an Oppo. Oppos are expensive and I can't justify its price tag anymore. What's important to me in a blu-ray player is the overall blu-ray picture quality for my ZT, very good Netflix platform, 3D picture quality, disk load time and lastly upconversion quality, however, I'm willing to sacrifice not having the best upconversion if the other areas perform very...
I also had a difficult time updating my firmware for my Pro111. I called Pioneer Canada and they told me to find an older USB stick from 2007-2009 year. Most had no partitions back then and its the partitions that is causing the firmware update to fail. Or you can use a more recent USB stick, however, you must delete the partitions and that is boyond a lot of peoples technical ability and it also may brick your Kuro if not deleted properly.Thankfully I found an older USB...
Stumbled upon this thread and I just want to say thanks Mike204 for bringing this issue up. I totally agree with your position.
I'm leery of anything that will require a future firmware update from Pioneer that will see a products full potential. For that reason I'm out. Will wait till next year. Note: I own a ton of Pioneer products and still like their consumer electronics, however, IMO I feel 2nd generation HDMI 2.0 products will work out all the kinks.
Wow, this Kuro thread has reached 1000 pages. I think that this is something that should be noted and just shows how legendary these panels are. Still luvin my Pro-111FD. The Official Pioneer 9G Elite KURO Owner's Discussion Thread - Page 1000
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