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I searched the thread but couldn't find this info: Can anyone tell me the distance between the center of the bottom mounting holes and the bottom of the unit? I need to try to calculate whether the arms of a mount bracket will clear a short barrier between the TV and the wall. Thanks.
Good work on the sound measurement, but it would be a lot more interesting if you chose one exact spot/orientation and took measurements with the TV off, with the TV on with a dark screen, and with the TV on with a white screen.It would also be helpful to have the actual values of power consumption. At 85, what were you measuring for watts?
Interestingly, I had no issues with a much older Athlon X2 250e and a motherboard with integrated Geforce 8200 graphics.
Better for the issues I mentioned earlier: OTA motion has no stutter, and black levels and shadow detail are markedly improved. I guess I wasn't clear. I got the GT 620 and installed it today. I am pleased by the results.
FWIW, the 620 is significantly better than the Sandy Bridge graphics.
I moved to the Sandy Bridge from a GeForce 8200. The contrast and black levels are markedly worse, and there seem to be some small stuttering issues on some broadcasts. Driving me bonkers. I figure if the ancient integrated nVidia 8200 was good enough, a GT 620 has to be at least as good...
The Egg has a good deal on one today. I'm not really happy with the image quality on my current HTPC (using the Intel HD graphics on a Sandy Bridge Celeron G530). NewEgg has a great deal on a GT 620. Is this a quality GPU for HTPC use?
That's not what DSE is. The DIrty Screen Effect is when it looks like your screen is dirty. It's very difficult to detect on static scenes. It's most apparent when you have a panning image containing large swaths of uniform color, like a hockey game. It looks like there are portions of the screen with very slightly different color or brightness, like they have dirt on them.
It's an artifact from compression or poor processing. You shouldn't see it on a decent BD played from a good Blu-ray player.
Is that from a DVD? If so, it's an expected effect of the resolution and compression.
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