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LG could not have hoped for a better review, than the one given to their product by Dr. Raymond M. Soneira.They did provide him with the set, so I would expect that they made sure to select one that had no stuck pixels, etc.His findings read like it is really almost a perfect display. Now we need someone like him to put five thousand hours on the display and then report on how well it has held up.
It looks somewhat similar to the monolith that showed up at the beginning of 2001 A Space Odyssy, or in this case A Space Oddity. They need to tart it up a little, to make the stand portion not blend into the actual display. It looks like they have made no provisions for where people could place the auxiliary equipment such as receivers, and Blu-ray players.
BERLIN -- LG is looking to make Ultra HD OLED TVs more affordable with the new LA9650 series, unveiled here at the IFA tech show. This is the 65-inch model. http://reviews.cnet.com/2300-35205_7-10018124-1.html Cnet just posted images of the 65inch Ultra HD OLED panel, but provided no other details. Have any of you come across an further information about the...
Haier's new OLED TV is harder to push over than most http://www.engadget.com/2013/09/05/haier-tv-stand/ "new 55-inch OLED set. And, granted, the set is nice and thin at four millimeters, with a 1.5 millimeter bezel. What the company was really excited about, however, was the built-in stand. Yep, it's a four millimeter thick TV that can stand on its own, making it really difficult to push over in one direction, at least." No pictures or video of how the image looks, or...
A video clip showing the LG 55inch Flat OLED at IFA, and a shot of the setup with the built in surround speakers in the frame exposed. They have set a price of 9K Euros, and say it will be available later this year. http://www.engadget.com/2013/09/05/eyes-on-lg-55-inch-gallery-oled/
I said that I fully support your right to keep asking as many questions for as long as you want to, and this is the thanks I get from you?! Regardless, I will still support your right to keep on asking questions forever, even though you just made such a mean spirited personal attack on me.
Exactly what I am doing. Showing lots of compassion and urging people to give the guy all the time in the world. One can not be much nicer than that. Looking back at his posting history, I noticed that the poor guy has been asking the same questions over and over, and complaining about people not answering him, and being completely tied up in knots about which TV to purchase, since early 2012. It is very sad and I feel his pain. He needs all the time in the world to work...
I still say give him some more time to flood the threads with his many questions and complaints about not getting enough answers. After all he has only been doing so since early 2012 until now. I feel sure that he stands a good chance of settling on something to purchase, before the end of the decade.
Show some understanding and patience with him. After all one cannot be too careful when trying to decide which TV set to purchase to replace the eight years old 32inch LCD set that his Dad took away from him and gave to his brother. It is not easy to find a new TV set that can match the quality of that very old 32 inch LCD set. He might have to wait for the 2014 models to show up in the stores.
LG has exhibited a 55 inch flat OLED TV at shows all around the world since the beginning of 2012. Other than that, it has been waiting for Godot.
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