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Here we are with yet again a misinformed LCD owner judging a plasma TV. Why do you even come into the plasma forum as you have made it very clear you will never buy one or take one if giving to you for free and have never had one in your viewing environment. I guess you know more about how a plasma performs than those of us that actually own one. Your obsession is attacking plasma TVs should be a concern for you. It's just a TV ramy
Yes, and by that logic McDonalds makes the best hamburger on the planet.
An excellent way of doing it is to buy a stand similar to the Standout or Salamander stands (those are both expensive but their are less expensive knockoffs if that's out of your budget) and then wall mount the TV.http://www.standoutdesigns.com/store...nsole-p322.htm
I don't see any way a 65" TV will be able to fit in any SUV upright as I had to haul my 50" in my Navigator laying down but I was only going a few miles. Have you checked into courier service such as UPS or Fed Ex as to what they would charge? Think of it as insurance. Can it be done? sure. Is there a risk? yes. Only you can determine if you're willing to take the risk.
why not go to a store and measure out that distance and watch the TV for awhile and see how it looks to you. Nobody can judge how your eyes and mind will adjust to it.
max power rating has nothing to do with usage. Using the Cnet chart is fairly accurate and when comparing it to a comparably priced and featured LCD you're looking at a $2-$3 / month increase which is really pretty negligible. If you factor in the cost of an LCD being $200 to $500.00 more then that would be a return of 6 to 12 years before the break even. Chances you are on to a new set by then so I wouldn't let the power consumption sway you away from the G10 as it's a...
That's pretty close for a 50" 720p set as you might pick up on the SDE from that distance. It's on the fringe of almost being to close for a 1080p.
well, for a cheap fix you might find someone on craigslist under services that can come out and diagnose it. Sometimes it's just a matter of a few capacitors on the power supply or video board that need replacing. It's just a matter of how much you want to get into it. I would even toss it on craigslist for sale as you might get a few bucks out of it if you don't want to mess with it.
That's one ugly picture. If it's not under warranty then chances are it might not be worth fixing as a replacement set can be had for around $600.00. It would probably cost you about $50.00 to have a service shop diagnose it (if you carry it in) and typically they apply that estimate to the cost of repairs. How old is it? and what model number is it exactly as I couldn't find anything on the model you gave.
That basic same warning is in the front of both of my Samsung LCD manuals. Haven't worried about burn in on any of my TVs including my Pioneer plasma.
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