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Thanks for telling me a bunch of stuff I already knew and irrelevant to my point. Happy Holidays
It does a very nice job on DVD playback but seriously, once you get a Blu Ray player the majority of your viewing will be Blu Ray materail so the SD playback likely won't be that big of an issue and for the $200.00 price difference between that and the Oppo, can go towards other things for you home theater.
There was nothing to assume:"to make a fair comparision you need to compare your plasma with a LCD of 09." That quote was in your post. The OP wasn't interested in what might be available as he was simply asking for a comparison betweeen two specific sets. It's like someone asking a comparison about his buddy's 2008 Mustang and his 2009 Camaro and answering it with well "you should compare it to a 2009 Mustang". It's irrelevant to the question. Got it?
It varies as they sell some that have the same model number which would be identical but others will have a special model number which is often times very similar but also could be a slightly lesser version with a few features ommited. The picture quality should be the same though. This is often done to keep other retailers from price matching as BB also typically has a model or 2 from Samsung that is exclusive to them for this purpose.
You must have missed my last sentence otherwise you probably wouldn't find it necessary to piss in everyone's bucket whenever a plasma is mentioned. Okay mods, time to close this one up as it appears this forum can't have a meaningful discussion without it turning into a plasma/ lcd pissing match.
In this forum, which is where people that are more into home theater than the average joe, I would say the edge would probably go to a plasma but the important thing is for everyone to be happy with what they purchase but also not try and intimidate others into thinking they have to like the same as themself.
This isn't a plasma vs lcd thread so not sure why you're trying to turn it into another one. He specifically asked about two different models and how they compare. Leave it at that.
Most of them break when "heavy plasma TVs are used"? Any stand will break if there is a defect or if it is used with any type of TV that's heavier than what the stand is rated for.
rotflmao! this is fun. So let's hand pick quotes from reviews and make this an all out plasma vs lcd debate like you're striving for so bad. Heck maybe we can even get this thread shut down like all the others.CNET:The biggest weakness of LED-based LCDs comes in the arena of off-angle viewing, and the 8500 follows suit. When we moved just one couch cushion to either side, the blacks lightened considerably, becoming brighter, more washed-out, and less realistic, and taking...
[quote=v1rtu0s1ty;17697000]Good evening folks, I'm not sure where I should post this. I need some help because my wife and I are having a very hard time deciding where to put the plasma. Right now, it's mounted in the corner near the fireplace. Oh, forgot to mention that I just finished the family room makeover. Here are two pictures. The first location of the plasma was just temporary. We don't like to block the window and it also eats up a lot of space. The width of...
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