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Bingo! When I see comments from posters that they wouldn't take a certain type of technology (plasma) even if it was given to them then I know they have issues beyond a TV. I've purchased 3 TV's within the last 3 years and 2 have been LCDs and one is a plasma and each one was purchased by it's own merit and my needs at the time.
It's the touted "S" panel.
Have a good day!
If your whites are "grey" then you have a problem with your set in either bad adjustments or an internal issue.
I've had mine for about 3 years now without any problems. The main issue is to have metal supports under the glass and not allow the glass itself to support much of the weight. Most glass stands are built this way.
Hmm, but it seems most reviewers and experts alwasy place the Kuro elites at the top of the class. Must be doing something right. With that being said differnt strokes for different folks. Find what you like and stick to it.
My room has a fair amount of windows but easily controlled. My previous TV to my plasma was a Pioneer Elite RPTV and it didn't handle light very well at all so I would think that if your RPTV is watchable and acceptable to you then one of the newer plasmas with a good AR filter would be better than what you are experiencing now. Within your budget there are good sets to be had in both LCD and plasma and likely will enjoy whatever you bring home. Good luck in your search.
You're either in denial or unable to distinguish the quality of a picture as I have a very similar TV and the off axis issue is very obvious. How surprising we have another LCD vs plasma thread that turns out to be a bitch session. Hopefully this one gets locked like the many others already.
I grew up watching TV in a moderately lit room with just a lamp on as did several of my friends that I hung out with. Don't expect everyone's situation to be exactly like yours gary mccoy.
Samsung is known to have capacitor issues in many of their sets which could be the cause of this If you're handy with a soldering gun it can be a do it yourself fix for very little dollars. Do a search in the forum and on the internet and you should find some more information.
New Posts  All Forums: