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I am curious as well, please let us know!
I think I am in the same boat, I just ordered a Revo as well, the WD TV live has too many issues and no expandability.
The 720p .mp4 files are still not playing correctly on the WD TV Live after updating 1.01.24.
I know it does not matter to everyone but I would like to see gigabit on all these players. It would make file transfer faster to connected drives and make browsing files on your NAS quicker.
The .17 firmware upgrade worked fine for me. However my .mp4 files from Revision3 still do not play with Audio and Video in sync. Does anyone else watch Revision3 files on there WD TV live? Do you any issues with them? Also has anybody has any success with the "Airlink101 Wireless 11N" usb wireless n adapter or the Monoprice usb wireless n adapter?
http://smallnetbuilder.com/ ...is an extremely useful reference for all NAS' research. Personally I think the most flexible (educational) and affordable option is a MSI Wind PC running Ubuntu server edition.
Agreed, the GS605 is awesome and looks great in a Mac enviroment. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...2140&Tpk=GS605
"Yes, this is on DirecTV. HD channels are typically added by DirecTV on Wednesday mornings. WLUK DT was added this morning." A LONG, LONG, LONG, time coming. "I have Road Runner and get betwen 5-6 Mbps" You are the only person w/roadrunner I have ever heard of getting close to that. That is very surprising to me. They treated me like crap and did not give me the service I was paying for, and I will never go back, regardless. Yes, I know AT&T is evil as well. "I...
"standard Road Runner (6-7 Mbps)" That is beyond hilarous! Since when? I ditched them a few years ago at my work in Oshkosh and in Appleton because they advertised 5-6 mbps and I normally saw about 1 - 1.5 mbps. That was $43/month I am on ATT Direct Pro DSL now. Consistently 2-3 mbps and only $30.44/month.
New Posts  All Forums: