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Only the BEST plug in for Windows Media Center. If you know anything about Kaleidescape, it's basically the same type of interface, but better if you ask me. It allows you to catalog your Movie collection and also allows you to copy your OWNED movies to your hard drive or NAS. It's really slick. To copy your movies you will still need anydvd HD and donate some money to the creators to enable that feature. Its well worth the money though! Look it...
What is the best software for me??? What do I need to buy? I want... Either... Complete Copy of disk to ISO, because I will be using My Movies in WMC or 1:1 Video Quality and all the Audio that goes to the Main Movie (Dolby TRUEHD, DTS-MA, Dolby Digital Plus, etc) basically just the main movie... What piece of software do I need??? Just Anydvd HD or DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy? +Passkey Program? What do I need??? Thanks for the help!
So my 5.1 CBS problem has been narrowed down to the Moxi DVR, I think... For whatever reason it is locking on the SAP audio channel and I can't get it off... I reinitialized the box and started from scratch and it worked... Till I rebooted the box, then same problem... And there is NO way to force SAP off on this thing either... Might just have to go back to Time Warners box and pay the extra money...
Yea they put filters on your line... What did you come from Digital Cable and RR? Or did you always have just RR?
The Continuing SAGA... I went through the whole Moxi Setup again to try and fix my Audio Problem... After its reboot, I got 5.1 Audio from CBS!!!! Yay! So I got everything set back up and was enjoying some 5.1 loving... So I restarted the box... NO AUDIO FROM CBS AGAIN... I just had it 2 min ago on THE SAME channel... Does anybody have any ideas? Is this a hardware bug? Cause I'm leaning MORE and MORE towards sending this thing back and just stiking with the Time...
So I have figured out what it is... I can't get off of the SAP audio Channels on CBS... Is there any way to force SAP off???
Anyone else run into this issue??? On CBS, the Moxi is NOT picking up the Primary Audio Channel? Basically the Dolby 5.1 sound Channel... I can switch between 2 English channels but neither one gives me 5.1 and on Letterman I get NO sound at all.. Also on Football games I only get background noise, no talking no nothing... I called Moxi and they had to refer this problem to the Engineers... Anyone else have this problem? And if so did you get it fixed??? It's only on...
Anybody having any issues with Audio??? On only ONE channel I got sound from only one speaker for prime time stuff... Even the Commercial for our local station comes in fine but the broadcast stuff is only coming out of one channel??? I'm only using my TV speakers??? I'm on Time Warner via Clear QAM... We noticed a lip sync issue and changed the Audio and it worked, but I just noticed last night the mono sound... HELP!
So I noticed that the CBS 58 Commercials like weather and stuff like that are in at least stereo but the main programming is only mono??? I'm using Tiime Warner Cable QAM and a Moxi DVR...???
Anyone having problems 5.1 audio on CBS tonight? Was trying to watch Survivor but no 5.1 just audio out of the Left Channel... Any ideas?
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