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never saw it in the theater paused the movie a couple of times before i realized it was doing it not sure why they did this may not have noticed right away when they switched but i did thought there was something wrong but i guess not just doesnt make sense to me anyway
anybody else have an issue with them changing the aspect ratio through out the movie at first i thought there was an error but its listed on the disc cover as two aspect ratios anyone know why they would do that????
# 296
Classics: Cyber Speedway Daytona USA both on the sega saturn and the first time i got a steering wheel Recent: Motorstorm Burnout Paradise motorstorm when the ps3 first came out burnout sucked me in even replayed it when my first system crapped out to go platinum
I will be picking it up on the way home I already own 3 versions of each movie so why not bootleg, theatrical release, and extended on dvd and i am sure i will pick up the ee version on blu when it comes out
Battlefield Bad Company 2
add me to your list guys loving the game so far
I like the couch where did you get it?? also love the contents of the bookcase
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