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[in TV mode] TV/Video #5
http://reviews.cnet.com/Panasonic_TH...2.html?tag=sub Here's the correct URL it's more of a preview... 42PX60U
no gaming...really... I couldn't wait to fire up the PS2 for a liitle peak. 200 ....200 ?? just lay off the HUD. KILLZONE, GT4, SPLINTER CELL... oh I love my Panny
that should work... I suppose cable is out of the question...
what type of antenna are you using? Signal source maybe far away >30 miles. Also direction of signal might affect. Could try moving antenna around. There are websites that you can plug yr address/zipcode into and show you the OTA signals and direction. here's one: www.antennaweb.org Hideph
Yes, I have been using my Oppo with my new 42PX60U using DVI-->HDMI. I was also concerned about the Faroudja chip marcoblocking issue with plasmas. I read the Oppo thread and took the advise on how to diminish the macro issue with the Oppo settings. I've seen no marcoblocking after watching about 8 hrs of DVD (1080i)... I'm very happy with the Oppo. Hideph PS/ I can't comment on 8th gen comparisons...
no. peg posts are uni-directional into panel
Yes it caught my eye as well (1920x1080). I read the SONY XRB thread and came to the conclusion that this first gen LCOS technology was "not ready for prime-time".IMHO. It's probably best to wait for the '06 version (Fall). I'd advise to go read the thread it starts back in Oct '05 when the sets first came out. Hideph
The manual says (pg 19) .."valid only for external input signals". I also noted it was greyed out when on input [1] TV but when I changed to Video 1 it was able to change between Dark and Light. I have it on Dark. Hideph
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