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I agree, it certainly sounds a bit like a bias. Perhaps somebody with some actual experience with a DVR or PVR would be able to set the record straight for all of us, and tell us if an AMD-based PC can function well as a DVR system for surveillance purposes, or even for PVR purposes. If you're out there, please let us know. Thanks, b
Thank you djamwolfe for your response. Is it possible to let me know the specs for the system that you had built using the card you identified, i.e. the motherboard (mfr, model#), the amd cpu (model, socket), the vga (mafr, model#), the ram (mfr, amount, type, latency), the hdd (mfr, model, sata/pata), OS, soundcard (mfr, model#), and if you ran into any issues with respect to the implementation. This would be very helpful. Thanks again. b
Not sure if this is the right place for this thread, but thought I would try here... I have been trying to spec a PC-based DVR Surveillance System using AMD but have had some difficulty. It seems that most, if not all DVR cards available on the market today for this purpose are spec'd for Intel systems, and not for AMD. I was hoping that somebody out there might have some experience (first hand or otherwise) in building this type of system using AMD. If so, and you...
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