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sorry to see them go... LULZ
My 1st post in this forum, been hanging out doing the usual research. I just got a look at a 50' ST50 at the local RC Willey here in SLC. They said it was just put on display this morning. Not having spent much time looking at the xx30 models, but drooling over them, I have to say they look nice. I'm going to work on grabbing myself a 60ST50 here in the next few months and await, with bated breath, reviews and opinions. Thanks Randy for stirring my interest. It...
I love this joint...
You didn't miss anything, at least on KJZZ 14.1 OTA the broadcast was in standard def, so I watched ESPN-HD. Sad they lost the game, but bring on the Rockets.
Anyone else getting just Stereo in the Jazz games? I just setup my new AVR and all I could get was stereo. I'll be watching tonight, hope it works ok this round. I get it OTA on my E* DVR to a Pio VSX-94TXH. The other channels come thru as Dolby Digital, and sound great.
Here is my link: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PU...Custom+Install Brian
Bah, I get great sounding Sirius music right now, from DishNetwork.
Thanks for the update Jeff, looks like you have your work cut out for you when you do get to the list.
Jeff, Watching this tread and really wondering what this means in relation to Denon adding Sirius support to their line up. I thought you dropped hints of this maybe coming this spring. I really would rather go Denon and not Pioneer, but don't want go give up the option to integrate the Sirius features. I can wait until Uncle Sam sends me my rebate, so should I hold on? If the 3808 had Sirius, I'd get the wife to loan me the money to get one. Just tell me should I wait,...
bigrig, It looks the same, no HDMI yet. Guess they think they can slip in support for Viiv and call it New, all over again. Wonder if they will upgrade mine to support Viiv..........
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