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Doesn't the FX series require an AM3+ socket? You may need a new board.
That might be where I got the idea from.
Don't know if anyone has tried this but today I connected a 1912 to a wireless n gaming adapter and it works great. I get internet music and I can use the android app on my phone with it. I'm sure this is old news. I could also bridge a connection from my htpc but I think that strained the computer a bit.
The 4830 is the best I have in house at the moment. I do some casual gaming so a $20 64 bit card probably wont cut it. Actually I'm quite impressed with the 4830's audio. It doesn't do HD audio but its 7.1 output is a big difference from the 2.0 output from the 3870 that I was using before.
Where are you all finding a 6870x2 for $129? I'd be all over that!
Did you see this posted online somewhere?
The 4830 gives me Dolby Digital, DTS, and 7.1 pcm via dvi->hdmi. I will be upgrading to one of the mid level 6 or 7000 series later this year.
While not an official htpc yet, my living room PC has the following components : AthlonII 250 Gigabyte 785gm-usdh Radeon 4830 4gb ddr2-800 ram My TV is a 46" 1080p 60hz lcd.(Westinghouse vr-4625)
The TV has HDMI. It was a Black Friday 2011 special. Maybe I should have said picture quality instead of visuals. Figured that an AVR with video processing might improve quality of my cable box(SD is terrible) on my TV but it might not do a thing for a Radeon equipped PC. I hope to get a cablecard tuner as soon as I can decide on one.
Thanks for all the feedback guys. I asked the question in here because me being in there is like a Toyota owner talking to a bunch of Nascar drivers. I'm not an audiophile... yet. I'm more concerned with what I need as an htpc user than someone who who buys HD music discs or someone who owns an Oppo blu-ray player. There were some things I though I'd need for my particular setup. For instance, my Westinghouse LCD is far from the greatest and I though that a...
New Posts  All Forums: