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Worse? Really? How so? The 700 buttons look better placed. Haven't had a chance to play with it though.
I got it at a Radio Shack this past Friday. I think it's YMMV.
I just bought a 700 on clearance for $40. Is it still worth having? How is it compared to the 300, 720, and 360 remote that I currently have?
Well I invested $10 in the highly rated Maxwell blu-ray lens cleaning disc with the two holes in it... no improvement. I hate to get rid of the thing but I don't think I have a need for a smart DVD player. :-(
I just sprayed a few blasts of canned air in it through the tray opening and it's doing a little bit better. Maybe a cleaning disc will help? Why would the player play DVDs but have problems with the BLUs?
My player no longer seems to wanna play my blue ray discs. It either spins a lot and tries real hard and gives up or it freezes and skips and then gives up and ejects the disc. It plays regular DVDs fine... for now. Is it a lost cause?
I see you are using 13.4 catalyst drivers. Did you just install those? Maybe those are the problem. I just rebuilt mine and Installed 13.1 drivers for my 4830 card and it's hooked to a 1021AVR. I'm experiencing some kinda slight tearing/interlace problem. I'm thinking of rolling back to version 12 drivers.
I also agree with the gpu suggestion. The DDR3 board has a lower integrated gpu than the 785 board(dx10.1).
If you don't mind me asking, what does the video look like and what version drivers are you using?
I'm not getting a picture or audio with nextpvr. I'm running 2.6.2 and I installed all the patches. The homerun quicktv app shows it fine. Any ideas? Fixed it. Had to add nrecord.exe to windows firewall. Wonder why the program itself didn't add it? Seems to be a common problem from my google search.
New Posts  All Forums: