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Here's the story... Chrismas '09 my uncle's 42 inch Viore plasma tv (model # V42PD45MS) went out in the middle of channel surfing between games and the picture suddenly went out. We unplugged it and plugged it back but still nothing came on the screen. It gets power judging by the power light and the quick tick sound of plugging in the power cable. My uncle decides its dead and says he's gonna replace it someday. I ask to have it once he replaces it thinking I might...
I just bought a rev 3.3 US2H board and I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on the Turbo 3D feature. Also, has it been established what is the best card to use with Hybrid Crossfire? There's really no recent info around on this board or the 785G chipset.
I work in northwest Memphis off 51 and I'm trying to get good indoor OTA reception in my office. I have tried both a powered rabbit ear vhs/loop uhf antenna and and a square powered omni-directional antenna and I don't get any better signal strength than than a non-powered plain ole rabbit ear non-rotational loop antenna. First I was only able to get a weak 3-1 a few weeks ago and just last week while re-scanning I lost 3-1 and gained 10-1 and 10-2, both still weak. Any...
Wow I'm behind. The top card in my house is a Visiontek 3870 512MB. It still rocks on my 720p 37" LCD. Until I can have a more varied and better pc gaming experience I'm not upgrading.
Must be the Phillips BDP5010/F7A I just bought for $70. Clearance sticker says 119 but don't believe it. Scan it for yourself. Kinda disappointed in it tho being that it doesn't do things like Pandora, Netflicks, and Facebook.
Anyone have any opinions on which is the better receiver? They are both pretty old but my Sony STR-DE835 died and I'm gonna save up for a new receiver with HDMI inputs with sound. So, I need to choose between these two for the time being. Thanks.
Does anyone still have the firmware updates? I just found out that Olevia is gone. What do we do about our tvs now???
Just thought I would search the forums to read recent threads about my 337h. I'm shocked to find out that I can't get firmware updated for my lcd. I haven't tried one but I was thinking about it. I occasional get those data lines and dots at the top of the screen and figured an update would fix that. Maybe I should sell the tv now?
I'm looking for the user manual for a Pioneer VSX-D906S receiver. The back of this thing is dated 1998 so its almost 10 years old but hopefully someone has a pdf around somewhere. Thanks
Glad to see there are still some people using their tv and still in this thread. mine is still going strong and is finding new life in 09. Gonna see if a service center can calibrate it for no more than $100. I thinm my analong tuner burned out but I got a hd cable box so thats not a concern anyway.
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