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I'm thinking about getting the 51" version. Can anyone tell me how good these tvs are in reguards to hooking up a computer to it? I'd probably have to do dvi->hdmi but can this tv do standard vga resolutions??? How does it look if you set the pc to hdtv resolutions?
I boycotted EA back in 2001 and I haven't bought a game since. Well I take that back, I did find Madden 06 for $3 at a garage sale about 2 months ago. As a former Commodore64 gamer, I supported EA from the very begining and I am insulted with how I am treated now.
Did anyone by chance save the thread about using the Sanyos as a HTPC monitor? I can't seem to find it.
Does Time Warner have any unscrambled digital channels? My tv has a digital tuner and is supposed to be able to pick up unscrambled QAM channels(whatever that is). I was hoping to find out if this feature is enabled or disabled on my tv(Sanyo HT32744). Are there any other Sanyo HT32744 owners in the area? Also why is it that PBS can keep great HDTV but we are still having problems with the big 3 networks? If I see Sesame Street in HD I'm gonna revert to a second...
I can't seem to find anyone successfully using this set with a Radeon/Powerstrip. I can't find any timings for it either and there aren't any in the Entech forums(there are timings for the 30" wide screen though). Since I am trying to use the adapter do I really need timings for the tv or just the adapter? Oh, I am using a Radeon 9800 pro. Also, not to seem ungrateful but the guide doesn't say anything about the newer CCC drivers. I am using Cat 6.5 at the moment....
I'm a noob myself but I am wondering why you aren't using the built in HDTV abilities of the video card. Your 6800GT should have come with a component out cable. According to PNY, their 6800GS has an HDTV breakout pod. If yours didn't come with one maybe you can ask them to send you one....big maybe tho.
I read that and I am actually printing it out right now but I was hoping to get some input from those who have actually used one of the Sanyo CRTs Still looking for a HT32744 service manual too. My contrast was indeed at its max but I think my picture could still use a little fine tuning.
Anyone here use a Philips MANT510 antenna? Just wondering how strong it is as an indoor antenna. I'm in the 38111 zip code. Have the local HDTV programming gotten any better in the last few months?
Well I see some of you are quite dissapointed with your Sanyo, but I must say I am pleased with my $300 HDTV(32744) so far. I have learned alot about the HDTV format, much more than I thought I knew and it didn't cost me alot of money. I could have spent $1000 or more on a tv that may or may not have had the capabilities I had expected of all HDTVs. By the time I outgrow this one or it starts to fail on me I'll know more and I'll know what to look for in my next set...
This is an 80s higher end model that still gives great full stereo sound. I could use the owners manual for this thing to get the best use out of it. Hopefully someout out there has a copy they can scan or just be avaliable to answer some questions. Its too old to be on Pioneer's website and I will only buy a copy of a manual as a last resort.
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