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I'm a little confused with this. Do nvidia cards have audio or not and which ones? I haven't seen a card yet that mentions audio. I almost bought a 550Ti card tonight. The card said it does HD video but doesn't mention audio at all. What's the point of being able to play blu-rays if you can't get HD sound. I believe all Radeon HD cards have an audio controller of some level.
Yes! I started this thread because I have this this ideal sound in my head that my setup should sound like but I don't hear it my regular seating position(the middle of the couch in front of the tv). I've replaced my receiver earlier this year so now I'm thinking that maybe I need new speakers. Whether or not I get new ones I want this to be a learning experience. I guess you can say I have a 7.1 setup(fronts, center, rears, sub, high wides). I need to know where to...
Guess I'll be shopping for new speakers!
I see. So guys, humor the noob. What am I missing out on with these speakers? I will say that I think I am missing some sound projection and some thump from woofers this size. I could be wrong tho. I have the receiver set to large speakers.
I acquired these speakers many years ago. I think they may be hand-me-downs from one of my 80s audiophile uncles I remember the brand name MCS from old JCPenny Christmas catalogs. They sound ok to me but I'm wondering if speakers this old aren't good for today's digital theater sound design. I'm sure they were made for analog quadraphonic stereo sound or something. The pair are the front speakers and are hooked to a Pioneer vsx-1021 receiver. I'd like to know your...
I got a PS3 and now I'll have a reason to use it! . I wonder if it'll record too.
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815116072 I know this group prefers Centon and Silicon Dust but this is a good deal to try out cable card tuning. I have one and it works pretty good except for the normal card pairing issues that every device has.
Fry's price matched Newegg's $129.99 for me over the weekend.
If I may ask... What's on you guys' Black Friday wish list? What are you hoping to find. Me? An htpc case, recent mid level video card, ddr3 ram and AMD motherboard. Gonna try to get some cheap movies as well. I'd like to run up on a basic 39"-42" TV for the computer room but I'm not gonna fight a mob to get one. Other than that just some knick knacks. I'm really hoping Fry's has everything I'm after.
Cablecard users.... How many tries did it take to get all your channels programmed? Can you get Cartoon Network? I can't.
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