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Yamaha does seem to be the best well rounded. Wish I could have gotten a 671 but didn't see any in my price range locally. Settling for the Pioneer 1021 it seems.
Let me just say that I'm a brand new owner of a 1021. I haven't even performed the calibration yet. Is there anything I need to know immediately? I chose this unit over the Denon 1912 which I owned for 3 weeks. The XX12 thread has a nice FAQ. Is there such a FAQ somewhere for this unit?
Well after lots of soul searching and gas burning I finally settled on a Pioneer vsx-1021. It seemed to be the most well rounded in my price range. Probably would have preferred the Yamaha 671 but they aren't going down in price around here.
Looks like this thread didn't make much progress but this is something I am currently faced with. After owning a Denon 1912 for about 3 weeks I have come home, for the second time, with a Pioneer 1021. With the Denon all I have figured out how to do is stream mp3s from my android phone to the receiver. I can't seem to get my SiruisXM app, Tune in, or Winamp to stream to the receiver. In addition the to upscaling feature, I was hoping there would be a clear cut way via...
Is there a way to do this on Android? I would like to use Pandora, SiriusXM, and Shoutcast if possible.
Old post but gotta ask... so the 1021 does Pandora through the network?
I have and use the SiruisXM app but it doesn't stream to the receiver by itself does it?? I thought I needed a secondary app running too.
Noob question time! Exactly what android app do I need to stream SiriusXM and other radio apps to my 1912? I tried imediashare and skifta with no luck. Doubletwist wants you to buy extra features but I wanna know if it's what I need.
I might check that out if I can still find one around.
Doesn't the FX series require an AM3+ socket? You may need a new board.
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