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Any body else having audio issues with WJAC s feed on Directv. Surround channel is garbled sometimes
You know you guys may be right....man, is it tough to tell....the studio shots and the weather graphics are popping..so is their graphics and transition sweeps and pieces.....i think some of the dullness may be due to lighting issues at their studios But you're right, i have had a glaring feeling that it wasn't quite as sharp as it should be if it's HD... Would love to know if someone has an inside to WJAC to answer the question definitively... Nevertheless, it's still...
I think it may more complicated than you guys are thinking...first, WJAC would have to be able to transmit their HD signal to the WWCP plant...don't know if that's set up...also, I have my doubts about WWCP's ability to broadcast LOCAL HD programming. So it might not be as quick as you might think!
I agree, I was surprised at the lack of shameless self-promotion about it...maybe they wanted to make sure it worked first before heavily promoting it?? LOL Set looks good, so do the weather graphics, which really pop I got spoiled when I had the distant waivers from D* in watching the NYC channels and their HD newscasts....so I'm relieved that at least one station has taken the plunge... I wonder how long it will be before WTAJ takes that plunge? And, I wonder...
Welcome to the 21st century Altoona-Johnstown-State College market, we have our first HD Newscast.... As of 5pm, WJAC Channel 6 is broacasting it's news in HD!!! Congratulations to all involved in this important milestone!
I have DirecTV and I have had the same issues with WTAJ HD feed. In fact, all the local HD's have been a little squirrely since the big wind event.
No, the guide doesn't say HD. I turned it on around 8pm and they were in HD. Sounds like you do need to reboot.
As of last night, I had Fox 8 and ABC 23 in HD on DirecTV....good stuff!!!
I got the phone call and the letter, too. I called DirecTV and they said that if for some reason the HD signals of WATM and WWCP weren't ready, that my DNS HD channels for ABC and Fox would remain. We'll see about that.... I feel your pain Tinyota....I feel much more like a New Yorker than a Central PA guy sometimes..lol... I just hope the WATM remembers to flip the switch when it comes to HD sports events on the weekends...from watching the OTA I know we've had trouble...
lol ManyYak....great minds think alike!
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