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dunno. its 65 in world at war edit: and i love MW2!!!!!!!!!!!!
i've tried tversity, but something is horribly wrong on my pc. i cant add ANY new files! tried for about 2 hours last nite. also had tried it about last year for even longer. have no idea whats wrong with it. i'll have to try playon.
edit: Nothing tO see Here!
because everyone at home crys hourly stoopin cranes react un-selfishly because because modern warfare 2 is gonna rock
im Thinking We need to Work on building up modern warfare 2
as assasyn points out... its all about the beatles right now. next week 2 nhl games come out and need for speed shift. im thinking monday next week the hype machine will kick in. maybe most game sites are under NDS right now.
updated top live activity as reported by majornelson.com updated top selling/rated on demand, arcade, and indie games for the 9th
i heard they were solar powered
i dont think there ever was a mw1. cant find any info on it! i LOVE MODERN WARFARE 2!~
^no. but i found a crazy white cloth on one side/plastic-tarpish material on the other side thing at lowes the other day! already has grommit holes too! i've been meaning to go back out, but work on the kitchen is slowing me down. by the time we're done with the kitchen, it'll be too cold to be outside (something like 50-60), then im pretty sure i'll be working on fixing the garage. turning it into a laundry/utility room. house was built in the 50's and no cars from today...
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