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Onkyo has just released two new receivers, TX-NR535 and TX-NR636. They have a pretty impressive feature set, with many elements of HDMI 2.0, plus integrated Bluetooth and WiFi among others. They seem to be what the OP is looking for.
At least the very excellent original Australian series is back for a 3rd season on DirecTV's Audience network starting next week.
It's not. The series is based on the book The Returned by Jason Mott.
No, both are not on all the time. Just one at a time, so they each are turned on and off every day.
I've had a TX-NR708 for several years, now tucked in a cabinet in the bedroom, and a TX-NR3010 for a couple of years in the living room. Between the two of them, they're on nearly 24 hours a day (I sleep with music on and work from home), both using a variety of inputs. Not a single HDMI problem.
Sorry, even though you can wire up 11 speakers, the TX-NR708 can only output 7 channels in the main area at a time, and just 5 channels if you're using powered Zone 2. An external amp for Zone 2 lets you continue to use 7 channels in the main room, but won't let you expand to 9 channels.
The software on your PC is an internet interface, but more expensive and harder to maintain.
You could consider Netflix just to be a giant DVR.
I always thought she should have played her own mother in How I Met Your Mother. She's only two years younger than the actress they chose.
You could sit by the fire and watch shadow puppets on the cave walls.
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